Our lead product FX856 or Ferrocalm the food supplement that supports your gut, even during active inflammation.

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During periods of stress, it’s common for our gut to get stressed out too.

At times like these, when we’re run down or not feeling too great, a lot of friendly bacteria inside conventional probiotic products struggle to compete. But Ferrocalm is different.

Ferrocalm contains friendly live bacteria that can thrive even when you’re stressed, for a better balance and a calmer life.

How It Works

Ferrocalm is made using friendly bacteria that can survive even in a stressed out gut environment.

We protect these bacteria with a special coating that keeps them alive through the stomach and small intestine.

The bacteria are finally released in the large intestine where they’re most needed and beneficial.


  • Gluten and dairy free

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

  • A long shelf life and no refrigeration required

  • Easy to transport, wherever you want to go

Our products’ brochures dive more into our solutions and our FX856 co-development opportunities.

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